Gina Nguyen

My name is Gina. I have always been a very active person doing activities such as dance, gym workouts and Muay Thai. I have never contemplated doing yoga until I saw the results my friends were getting after they started. After a few trial sessions I became addicted to yoga and practiced frequently. I began to see many positive changes in my life – less stress, improved sleep, more calm, better understanding of other people and more enjoyment of the simple things in life. I also found that my chronic headaches disappeared.
Yoga also taught me an important lesson that applies to life – there is no success without failure!
I also learned that you can achieve whatever you want in life with the right focus and belief and not to be scared of trying new things.

Seeing the benefits that yoga brought to my life led me to want to share my passion with others and inspire others to improve their lives. I set out on the path to become a yoga teacher and I realised during the training that yoga can also be beneficial in treating injuries and chronic illnesses as well as preventing chronic diseases. I want to share with others how yoga can be used to increase body and core strength as well as improving balance and flexibility. A good balance can also be achieved in the mind and lead to good mental health. Strength cannot be achieved without good flexibility and a strong mind. I want to teach people how to improve their enjoyment of life, appreciate the simple things in life and how to live in the present. I look forward to our journey together.

Experience :
5 years in yoga
4 years in gym and fitness
8 years in dance


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